All of our programs are bespoke to our client’s individual needs and delivered by subject matter experts who have honed their skills in conflict zones such as the Middle-East, Latin America, Northern Ireland, Africa and the Balkans.

Our clients are police services and agencies who aspire to deal with the complex issue of terrorism and organized crime by building capacity and professionally developing their own human resources.

The client wanted to upskill his police team in covert human intelligence source handling to equip them, to gather human intelligence in a manner that would deliver life-saving results and withstand oversight from the global community.

Upon conducting a training needs analysis, we established that the students responded best to activist type learning material. In a timely fashion we delivered a program containing numerous immersive role plays and multi-agency exercises based on factual events with differing learning outcomes and challenges.  The students learned how to covertly research, identify, recruit, motivate and manage human intelligence assets. They learned how to work as a team and interact with other agencies to safely manage the collation and dissemination of the intelligence product.

We are proud that those students are now practicing their newly acquired skills in an exceptionally challenging environment and achieving the results they desired.

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