What is the deep and dark web?


The World Wide Web is estimated to consist of over 130 trillion individual webpages and is constantly growing…


Only 4-10% of these webpages are found on the surface web and readily available to the public. The Deep and Dark web make up the remaining percentage. So, what can be found beneath the surface? Take our course on the Deep and Dark web to find out.

[4-10 %]

Surface Web

Social Networking Sites, News Websites, Online Shopping, Blogs and Forums

[90 – 96%]

Deep Web

Databases, Medical Records, Online Banking, Legal Documents, Government Records

[Unknown %]

Dark Web

Dark Markets, Criminal Activity, Illegal Products and Services, Cryptocurrencies

Our university accredited Deep and Dark Web course has been designed by academics and subject matter experts in cyber security and intelligence. The course provides insight into the Deep and Dark web and criminal activity found online, training in how to access the Dark Web safely and securely and the basics of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

This is the second of four cyber courses that are available fully online with Chenega and Ulster University. See info on our other courses here.


Deep & Dark Web Course Overview

4 weeks online, flexible distance learning

10 – 15 hours per week (recommended)

Receive 15 academic credit and level 4 certification from Ulster University


Full eTutor support from Chenega & Ulster University subject matter experts 


$1000 per student. Register now, pay later.

Or for all other enquiries email jmatchett [at] chenega [dot] com

Who can take the course?

  • Available to all members of the public
  • No entry requirements
  • No prior knowledge of the subject matter is necessary
  • Beneficial to all professions, from Law Enforcement to Marketing and Advertising

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