Cyber Attack: Oil & Gas

A cyber attack is an offensive attack targeted at information systems, infrastructures, computer networks or personal devices to steal, alter, or destroy a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system. Often, the information stolen in a cyber attack, such as credit card details, is held as ransom until the victim of the attack pays the hacker a large sum of money.

Large-scale cyber attacks are reported almost daily worldwide. The scale and severity of recent ransomware attacks (remember WanaCry?) is alarming for all industries. Because technological advancements in the oil and gas industry have exposed operations and facilities to this kind of attack, there is an elevated urgency for improved cyber security. Cyber attacks have the potential to do more damage to infrastructure than a physical attack, due to the significant disruption caused and resulting cost implications for a country, company or organisation. A cyber attack on an oil and gas facility could potentially result in major disruption to your business.

Even more worrying are “cyber physical” attacks, where the threat that plant control systems can be hacked with physical impacts is ever present. Network Security and conformance to the cyber elements of the latest functional safety IEC 61511 and 61508, the Cyber security specific code IEC 62443 and protection of an enterprise’s information in today’s high threat environment is therefore an evolving challenge. Chenega has solutions to facilitate rapid pre-attack analysis of network traffic, leveraging industry standard rule sets for intrusion detection, and deep packet inspection. Additionally, local analytics dashboards assist the network manager identify suspect systems within the enterprise, where a vulnerability might exist.

These tools facilitate a rapid post-attack remediation and enhanced network security and conformance to IEC 62443. Mindful of the need for mobile secure communications, Chenega provides a flexible, secure communications platform using military grade end to end encryption. Supported by both iOS and Android, individual user accounts are easily established and managed. A companion desktop client is also available, the system ensure ability to encrypt voice, text, and attachments. Encrypted video will be available sometime 1st QTR 2018.

To find out more, download Chenega Citadel Solution for Oil and Gas.

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