Surveillance and Analysis: Oil & Gas

With our wide range of technology partners, we offer surveillance capabilities across the electronic spectrum. Our capabilities include open source analytical software, network breach detection and legal intercept, 2D/3D biometric identity surveillance and a range of optical sensors, with ATEX rated cameras, UAVs, counter-UAV and other devices available as required.

Chenega provides access to a wide range of surveillance technology, designed to enhance situational awareness of your oil and gas facilities. Our deployments include Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV, constant stare WAAS cameras, Electro Optical/ Infrared (EO/IR), Radar, Biometrics, and GPS tracking technologies. Chenega systems are constructed to provide coverage from the most basic deployment to comprehensive security solutions. Our systems are integrated in a manner that facilitates ease of use by onsite security personnel.  Chenega solutions include both ATEX and Commercial components, tailored to meet your individual site requirements.

Chenega provides state of the art solutions for monitoring and analysing digital content to help safeguard a company’s online presence, domain, executive team, and employees.  Chenega solutions include Social Media Monitoring, Brand and Domain Management tools, and Global Risk analytics reporting. Alongside our solutions is a world class analytic services product line that can be leveraged to help fulfil the critical information requirements of your oil and gas facilities.


To find out more, download Chenega Citadel Solution for Oil and Gas.


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