Command and Control Integration: Oil & Gas

Decision makers demand an accurate real-time operating picture to understand the complex environment of today’s oil and gas facilities. Chenega provides platforms that facilitate the aggregation of disparate data from multiple sensor inputs and positions these in one federated data view for visualisation that drives action. Our systems scale easily and are uniquely tailored to your operational environment and budget. Chenega works with industry leaders to extend their hardware and sensor data suites to facilitate this data aggregation.

COP platforms are becoming globally recognised as best practise in oil spill situation. The Joint Industry Project (JIP5) recommends their use and for a real-time response data streams can be built into the COP including:

  • Maps of environmental and other sensitive locations
  • Oil spill modelling output
  • Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique data
  • Resources available

The COP provides the opportunity to look at data spatially, looking from ground to air and visualising vehicle movement into and inside your facility. Additionally, you can see AIS Shipping feeds, Radar feeds, HSE Sensors, Storage tank levels, product flows from or to bunkering, CCTV and even personnel movement in and around the facility. Chenega’s COP solutions also include the ability to look backward, and replay data from a day and time in the past. All these inputs are optimised for decision-making needs for security, monitoring and emergency incidents and responses.

To find out more, download Chenega Citadel Solution for Oil and Gas.

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