Chenega International Consulting, the leader in secure mobile communications and compliance for the enterprise are delighted to announce the release of our Windows Desktop application. Following the successful launch of the ChenegaDesktop for Mac OS X, Chenega International Consulting have once again expanded their product range to include ChenegaDesktop for Windows.

"This release highlights our commitment to building the leading secure communications solution for businesses. Chenega International Consulting are delighted to now be offering our Secure Communications Solution for Windows Desktops, and we're really excited by the opportunities we've already come across in the Government, Healthcare and Legal Industries," said John Douglas, President at Chenega International Consulting. "Our solution is going to have the ability to transfer important documents and images between desktop and mobile, ensuring that all business deals remain secure and private as they were intended to be."

The new Windows Desktop application has been positively received from users in Europe and the Mid-East who have been evaluating the ChenegaDesktop in order to securely connect the back office with mobile devices.

Chenega secure Communicator Mobile and ChenegaDesktop for Windows provide customers with the perfect mix of technology to address the variety of secure communication challenges they face.