An important part of Chenega Citadel – Holistic Security Solutions, is detailed risk assessment and threat analysis by our Chenega Subject Matter Experts.

Chenega have a network of embedded trusted associates in theatres throughout the world who provide real time analysis of regional issues and risks.

Our experienced intelligence analysts produce analytical reports outlining risks or threats to a country, government, organisation or project. This could include threats from extremist organisations, political upheaval, or health risks due to disease outbreaks or epidemics. Open source and social media intelligence has proven key to assessing these threats, for this reason our analysts are trained engineers in market-leading software to monitor and assess threats in real-time and produce accurate, up-to-date results.

Threats are global, originating from many sources, across many countries, in many languages. To counter these threats, linguistic skills are essential. Our analysts are multilingual. They are able to analyse data, information and intel in a range of languages and produce reports accordingly. Languages spoken are English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and others. If required, reports can be out-sourced for translation into a language not spoken by our analysts.

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