Located in the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, Chenega International (CI DMCC) is a subsidiary of the Chenega Corporation, the most successful Alaska Native Corporation to compete in the US Federal DOD market. CI DMCC is tasked to deliver Chenega expertise to the world market with particular emphasis on our Middle Eastern clients.  Our specialization includes the provision of consultancy relating to the utilization of niche technology, security, analytical and training services within the security, law enforcement and commercial sectors. 

With access to the wider Chenega family, Chenega International delivers an end to end service from initial consultancy through to solution development, installation and capability enhancement.

Training and Analytical Services

Utilizing a stable of experienced professional training and analytical staff drawn from the UK and American law enforcement and security sectors, Chenega International offers a wide portfolio of Training, Professional Development and Analytical services.  With Service delivery managed by Chenega Europe and Chenega International Consulting, CI DMCC offers a specialist consultancy focus for clients within the Middle East. Our aim is to provide state of the art and formally accredited Continuous Professional Development to allow the client to generate a sustainable capability that is suited to operating environment.

Citadel, our holistic security management solution

Identifying and designing a solution for client business security and operational need, Chenega International serves as the bridge connecting high-end engineers and security experts with state-of the-art technology solutions for operational end users.

Focused on the needs of the client, we offer a holistic security solution known as CITADEL.  With a modular design and utilizing an open architecture, CITADEL is designed to directly match both client need and threat.  Being modular, the CITADEL solution can be rapidly adjusted to match changing threat profiles.  CITADEL encompasses five key areas:  

  1. Management Information and Control Integration.
    Utilizing state of the art integration and data presentation technology, we bring together multiple data feeds to present real time information to assist the decision maker.  Focusing on major installations and critical infrastructure, our Integration expertise is being utilized successfully in the oil and gas sector where we are bringing together all aspects of HSSE and production management into a coherent management architecture facilitating streamlined decision making.

  2. Surveillance Technology.
    With a particular focus on major airports and border entry points, our market leading biometric surveillance technology is helping to unmatched accuracy and acquisition speeds to non-cooperative surveillance to support border security.

  3. Cyber and Communications Security.
    With a range of capabilities across both government and commercial, Chenega’s product and service portfolio offers legal intercept capability for national and government agencies and breach detection for commercial customers.  A growing area of our business includes cyber security consultancy dealing with all governance and compliance issues arising from changing legislation.  Our secure communications system has wide utility across the commercial world, with major customers in banking, consultancy and the legal sector.

  4. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Analytical Services.
    In an uncertain world, our OSINT collection tools coupled with a stable of experienced analysts generate bespoke analytical products that directly match client needs.  Reporting is valued across several important Middle Eastern clients.

  5. Training and Professional Development.
    Professional Development is at the heart of developing sustainability.  With clients across the Middle East, Chenega is helping to develop specialist police and security capabilities with a number of important customers.

"Enhancing Security through Smart Technology"

Chenega Citadel

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